Potomac Shadows

Awakening the Fates

Introducing a new paranormal fantasy series set in the Washington, DC metro area.



Even with a great girlfriend, a bestie, and visits with her ailing grandpa, Rachel Farran feels isolated and lonely. When she stumbles into the mystical Veil separating the mortal and spirit worlds, she encounters voices that won’t shut up, ghostly faces that won’t leave her alone, and a crystal that can’t stop glowing.

Rachel soon discovers that she can manipulate magical ley threads as a descendant of the ancient Fates and a Beacon for lost souls. But when the malevolent being known as the Spinner harnesses the ley to drag helpless souls through the Veil to devour them, can Rachel begin to trust others and learn to control her newfound abilities before her grandpa and many others are lost forever?

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When Rachel Farran accepted her calling to become a new Beacon, a reborn Fate and weaver of ley magics, she barely understood the world she was diving into. Lost souls, poltergeists, an ancient magical journal, and more await her in her journey, and she has to balance all of that with time for her girlfriend, training her magical ally Malcolm, and, oh yeah, also trying to find a job. It’s enough to make a girl go crazy!

Now Available

Read the first several chapters!




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Available July 2017