News and more news!

Haven’t posted here in a while; apologies for that! I’ve been super-busy with life and work and writing and raising my toddler, who just hit the 19-month mark and is a bundle of energy and joy. Got some news for you all, with more coming soon.

First, for my weird western fans, I have the print edition of the Pistols and Pyramids omnibus, The Bloody Frontier, in print proofs and should have them up for sale soon. I’ll also be giving away two signed proof copies away to two lucky folks on my mailing list. Here’s the cover image, if you’re interested (artwork by James Hale):

For my urban fantasy fans, I have the second book in my Potomac Shadows series, Beacon’s Hope, also in the print proof stage. I’ll have two copies of that to give away as well, and will have the books up for sale in the next couple weeks. Cover sexiness follows:

I’m also currently writing the third installment of the series, Beacon’s Fury, and expect that pre-order to go up soon, with the book to be released probably July 1, 2017.

Let’s see….what else? I have a couple more urban fantasy series ideas percolating, and I’ve been hard at work freelancing on Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures RPG. Looking forward to that coming out this summer.

I think that’s about all for now. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!


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