Print version of P&P1 now available on Amazon!

Went live sometime last night. Check it out!

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of the proof (super limited–only three exist) soon to my mailing list subscribers, so if you haven’t signed on yet, now’s a good time to do so! You’ll get exclusive content, early views on lots of stuff, and more goodies that I can’t talk about just yet.

Have a happy Groundhog day!

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Pistols and Pyramids #1 print proof unboxing

I received the print proofs for P&P1 the other day and was so excited, I made a video about it. Check it out:

I’ve since approved the proofs, so the print books should be available for purchase on Amazon soon. I’ll also have signed copies available for sale on my website in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Have a great week!

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More P&P news (and another art preview)

Sorry for the delay in updates; life, writing, baby, and snow (oh gods all the snow) have gotten my blogging on delay. But, here we go! News:

Print version of P&P1 is locked and proof copies are en route. I expect it to be available for purchase within a couple weeks. Yay! Newsletter subscribers got the preview of the cover art and a sample of the interior layout. Missed it? Join up!

As promised, here’s another chunk of James Hale’s fourth and final piece of art that’ll appear in the print version of P&P1:


Nifty! More to follow soon. Have a great week!

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Artwork teaser!

James Hale, the awesome artist I hired for a few sketches for the print version of P&P #1 just delivered the fourth and final piece of art. I love it! Here’s a sneak peek at part of the art:


Full reveal to come later. In the meantime, I’m working to finalize the print layout and then it’ll be time to order proof copies! If I can figure out how to do video, I’ll make an unboxing video for the proofs. Might have to buy a webcam and microphone.

Expect the final print version of Ranger of Mayat to be available for purchase soon, probably no later than the end of the month. Have a great week!

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Free book day!


TODAY, 5 January, 66 Science Fiction and Fantasy books will be available for freesies (including Pistols and Pyramids #1: Ranger of Mayat!). Visit the page and grab some great books (many are free for more than one day)

Happy reading, friends!

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Happy holidays from Kekhmet!

Quick update for your almost-holiday Wednesday. P&P #3, House of the Healer, will be released this Christmas Day on the Amazon. Pre-orders are available now. To celebrate the release of the third book, I’ll be dropping the price of #1, Ranger of Mayat, to just 99 cents for the remainder of 2015. Enjoy the discount while it lasts and give it as a gift over and over.

In related news, I’ve nearly finished the print layout for P&P1, so expect to see more news about the print version early in the new year. Proof unboxing and reveal, giveaways, signed book sales, etc. Lots of good stuff to come.

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, I hope your December has been safe and happy.

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Lots of P&P News

Episode2Some tasty P&P news for you today. Episode 2: Flight to the Fort is now live and available for sale. If you pre-ordered it, the book should be appearing on your Kindle at any point.

I’ve posted Episode 3: House of the Healer for pre-order as well. It’ll release on Christmas Day. Here’s the blurb:

Episode3After surviving a brutal cultist attack on her village, Ruia led the other survivors to the safety of Fort Sekhmet with the help of Tjety, a Ranger of Mayat. With Tjety’s life now hanging in the balance, can Ruia gather enough help and learn to use her newfound hekau magic to heal Tjety before the forces of darkness close in and snuff out all hope?

And if that’s not enough, in order to celebrate both those items as well as my birthday (which was on the 19th), I’m using one of my Kindle Select free days to make Episode 1: Ranger of Mayat, available for freesies today. So go get yourself a copy and then grab Episodes 2 and 3 if you enjoyed the read. Thanks so much for your support!

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P&P2 sneak peek at

The good folks over at posted an exclusive preview of Pistols and Pyramids #2: Flight to the Fort yesterday. Hop on over there and give it a read and then, if you’re so inclined, pick up the book when it comes out this Friday. (P&P3 goes up for pre-order on Friday as well!)

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Speculative Fiction Showcase Interview

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, the good people who run the Speculative Fiction Showcase ran an interview with me today on their blog. Go and have a look, won’t you?

Quick update–Episode 2 is nearly complete (but is still available for pre-order). Episode 3 edits are in progress and the pre-order for that will go up on November 20. Episodes 4 and 5 are deep in edits as well and on track for January and February releases, respectively.

Happy Thursday to you!

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Loreena McKennitt @ The Birchmere, October 27, 2015

20151027_195131I’m not interested in this blog being nothing but writing and publishing. Thought you’d be interested in a little more than that, so…here are a couple pics I took at the Birchmere venue in Alexandria, VA last week. Loreena McKennitt toured the US for a limited time, and for just the second time in 8 years, was in the DC metro area (she played at the DAR Constitution Hall back in 2007).

This tour was just her, cellist Caroline Lavelle, and guitar and bouzouki player Brian Hughes, both longtime collaborators with Loreena. The performance was fabulous, and intimate, as only the Birchmere can really provide. I was fortunate enough to snag great seats right by the stage for my wife and I.

I’ve b20151027_195824een following Loreena for almost 20 years now, and I have to say that she’s one of the few musicians I know of whose live performances are better than her studio-produced albums. And I might be a fanboy with rose-colored earplugs in, but whatever. :)

And to round this out and actually reference some writing, I’m listening to her music a lot and thinking about writing a series inspired by her music. Maybe something like a gothic dark urban fantasy or the like. Will have to noodle on that some more.

Have you heard Loreena’s music? Are you a fan or not a fan? Would love to hear from you.

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